Friday, 26 March 2010

Finished pieces

Julie has finished all the pieces and framed them ready for exhibition in London at The Royal Society of Arts in June. Here they are stitched to their backgrounds before they go in their frames.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Day Five - final one, constructing our pieces

Today we worked hard to construct our final pieces from the felt we created last time. We had to cut out shapes and stitch bits on. Now we can see how individual our groups pieces are. All the pieces are so different but fit well together because of the medium (felt) and the sizes. They will all be framed in the same way too. We had to edit our original designs a bit as well, just because things looked different to the way we had planned, we had to take into account the felt making process as well. Julie is taking the pieces away to finish off the last bits and frame them up. We are all looking forward to going to see them in the London gallery in June, even though it is quite along way away.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day Four - Constructing the final pieces

On Tuesday we spent the day constructing our final felt pieces based on our designs. We were missing a few people so the rest of us had to work extra hard; Lots of felt making to build our muscles! By the end of the day we had constructed all the elements to our pieces ready to put together in the last session.
We have ended up with 4 pieces and hope that we can fit them all in in the exhibition space (even though the limit was 3, they are smaller than the allowed amount though!)
Next time we are going to do some stitching and finishing off of the pieces, some may need a bit of reconstruction as well. We need to keep the frame sizes in mind and look forward to producing some professionally finished pieces. We are all planning already what we will spend the money on if we sell any of our pieces!